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    About David

    Why choose David as your Seattle Real Estate agent?

    As a client, you rely on your Realtor. He or she represents you in one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make. In an ideal match, you will have an absolute trust, a bedrock faith in your Realtor's motives, ethics, and professionalism.

    I have learned that people largely buy or sell homes on the basis of emotion. Although buying a home is often the single most important financial decision people make, many approach buying or selling real estate with very little accurate information. They act from their heart - which is good! - but they also need accurate and relevant information. Imagine how someone feels two years later when discovering their house is worth less than they paid for it, or the home has serious foundation issues that would be very costly to remedy - it happens all the time. I believe that home ownership is part of an overall financial plan and should be approached in a businesslike manner, but it also has to meet and appeal to ones emotional needs. It's a "head and heart" decision for sure!

    Giving my clients all their options for their particular situation is one of my most important goals. I decided years ago to approach the real estate business as a consultant instead of a salesperson. I never "sell" my clients, but rather I give them all the information necessary to make well-informed decisions. My listings have sold for 99% of the asking price over the past several years and my buyers have bought for 94% of the asking price. Knowledge and experience brings good results.

    My promise to you

    I will establish a relationship with my clients based on trust, loyalty, and mutual respect. My clients' needs, both emotional and financial, will be my top priority throughout the entire buying and/or selling process and thereafter. I will give my clients all the information necessary to make well-informed, intelligent decisions. I will never try to "sell" my clients anything, but rather act as a consultant and a resource. I will develop and maintain strategic alliances with Lenders, Title and Escrow companies, Financial and Tax Planners, Home Inspectors, and other professionals and services that will provide trouble free and unique services for my clients. All under the protection of my absolute satisfaction guarantee.


    Being honored with RE/MAX's Lifetime Achievement Award, and being inducted into RE/MAX's Hall of Fame puts me in the top 1% of Realtors nationally when it comes to getting results. I have also been awarded the Seattle Magazine 5 Star Best In Client Satisfaction Award every year since 2004 when it started. Only my clients vote on this award. This means you are guaranteed to be working not only with a highly qualified real estate agent but also with a professional who has the proven ability to get positive results. Ultimately, my success depends on my clients' success and this unique approach ensures my clients are represented to the best of my ability.

    The Lifetime Achievement Award plaque reads:

    Present This Lifetime Achievement Award to David C. Bell 2009

    As the recipient of this award, you have truly risen far "above the crowd!"
    by helping over 1,000 families meet their real estate needs
    during your RE/MAX career.

    This outstanding accomplishment – earned through knowledge,
    experience and giving total quality service to your
    customers – is exceptional in the real estate industry.

    For all you have done to promote the very best within the RE/MAX organization and the real estate community, we honor you.

    • RE/MAX's Platinum Club
    • RE/MAX's Hall of Fame

    • Seattle Magazine 5 Star "Best In Client Satisfaction" 2004
    • Seattle Magazine 5 Star "Best In Client Satisfaction" 2005
    • Seattle Magazine 5 Star "Best In Client Satisfaction" 2006
    • Seattle Magazine 5 Star "Best In Client Satisfaction" 2007
    • Seattle Magazine 5 Star "Best In Client Satisfaction" 2008
    • Seattle Magazine 5 Star "Best In Client Satisfaction" 2009
    • Seattle Magazine 5 Star "Best In Client Satisfaction" 2010
    • Seattle Magazine 5 Star "Best In Client Satisfaction" 2011

    A special piece of artwork

    I love collecting art and when I saw this Mackenzie Thorpe painting titled Once in a Blue Moon, I had to have it to hang in my office. While the front end of the buying and selling process is usually fun and exciting, to me this picture depicts what the back end of the process can be like. I often tell my sellers that it's easy to sell the house, but it's hard work to keep it sold. I work very hard for my clients and while I don't burden them with the some of the difficulties in dealing with the other agent, an appraiser, or mortgage underwriter, I do what it takes to get the job done and the transaction closed. I have "pulled the proverbial rabbit out of the hat" many times in the past 22 years, and I love doing that for my clients. If you get the chance you should take a look at other works by Mackenzie Thorpe, as I really love his work and have a few other pieces as well. His stuff is just plain fun!