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    Stay tuned to David's blog for updates on the Seattle Real Estate market, as well as other information from David's experience as a Seattle Realtor.

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    David regularly appears on the Brashenomics Radio Show Wednesdays at 3pm on 1150 KKNW and occasionally on other radio shows around the region. Click here to view his previous radio appearances.

    Entries in Seattle Real Estate (3)


    What’s the Best Month to Sell a House in Seattle WA?

    I’m asked all the time what is the best month to sell your home in the Seattle real estate market? Right now my answer is “in the month you need to sell it.” The Seattle and Bellevue real estate markets right now are facing an inventory shortage. We have been and are currently in the first sellers market we have seen since early 2007. “Good” homes that are priced “correctly” are selling quickly and that has been the case now for several months. Homes that are challenged and/or over priced are not selling however. Back in 2005 or 2006 even the challenged and over priced homes would sell eventually, but that is not the case today. I define a challenged home as one on a busy street, homes that need a lot of work or were of poor construction, homes that have very unusual floor plans, or homes that are in poor locations.

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    Seattle Real Estate Market Update

    Summer in the City! Hot Weather, Hot Home Sales

    Seattle is typically known for our rain but this summer we set… well almost set to be exact, an all time record for the total number of consecutive days without rain. We had over 40 days with absolutely no rain, in Seattle. Beautiful sunny days and glorious sunsets with temperatures in the low 80’s. My two Sun Gold Tomato plants, in their own enameled clay pots, on my deck have never been so happy and rewarded me with about 30 sweet delicious orange fruits each day for over two months now.

    We also had what some would say was a significant turnaround in our Seattle Real Estate Market in the first half of 2012 (January – June). Lower home inventories, the belief that the housing prices in Seattle over the last 12 months had hit the bottom and stabilized, and record low mortgage rates, were the culprits for this increase in the first half of the year. There have been some reports saying that about 35% of all home sales this year nation wide has been by investors. But what is it going to take to get the Seattle Real Estate market fired up and going again? I believe it’s the home mortgage lenders, the national economy, and a fear that the US may go back into a recession that is holding us back at this point.

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    Is the best time to buy Seattle Real Estate now or never?

    Radio Show December 21, 2011

    We talk about if this is a good time to buy real estate in the Seattle real estate market. Depending on your situation this may or may not be a great time to buy.