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    David Bell's Real Estate Blog

    Stay tuned to David's blog for updates on the Seattle Real Estate market, as well as other information from David's experience as a Seattle Realtor.

    Radio Segments

    David regularly appears on the Brashenomics Radio Show Wednesdays at 3pm on 1150 KKNW and occasionally on other radio shows around the region. Click here to view his previous radio appearances.


    Don't believe everything you hear about the Seattle Real Estate Market

    Radio Show January 17, 2012

    In this episode, I discuss what the media is reporting regarding the housing market vs. what it actually is.  We discuss what median home prices really mean and we see that in many in Seattle neighborhoods that average sale prices are actually going up.


    Is the best time to buy Seattle Real Estate now or never?

    Radio Show December 21, 2011

    We talk about if this is a good time to buy real estate in the Seattle real estate market. Depending on your situation this may or may not be a great time to buy.


    Buying or Renting: that is the question

    Radio Show November 28, 2011

    We talk about the moods of buyers today and whether or not folks should buy or rent. I predict that this is the best time to buy in the Seattle Real Estate Market in years. We also talk about how buyers today have become more conservative in how much they want to spend.


    Finding the right Realtor for the job.

    Radio Show November 15, 2011

    We talk about first time home buyers and how they find a good real estate agent to work with. We talk about why it’s so very important to find the right Realtor to work with, not only in this market but also in any market. You need a Realtor that is willing to tell you the truth and has a proven track record of experience.


    Some experts say the Seattle housing market is ready for a turnaround.

    The Seattle housing market has gone through some very difficult times as well as the rest of country. Seattle however has faired well above average, depending on which side you are on, that is.

    For sellers, it’s been hard, with prices falling by as much as 30% starting in early 2008. Seattle however was one of the very last markets in the US to experience falling home prices. Some predicted that because we were last to fall we would be last to recover. That doesn’t seem to be the case however. From all indications it looks like Seattle has hit the bottom and is starting to rebound.

    For buyers, falling prices mixed with historically low mortgage rates has been a bonanza. It is much harder to get a mortgage these days, however the solid buyer has made out quite well. What will the next few years bring however?

    Lets look at some of the data from the National Association of realtors. Today it is 2.5 Times cheaper to purchase home than is was 30 years ago! Taking the numbers from the *Affordability Housing Index, maintained by the National Association Of Realtors, June 30th, 2011 the Affordability Index Composite was 182.7 (the higher the composite number the more affordable purchasing a home is). For 1981, it was 68.9! So you say, “1981′s market isn’t relative to toady’s market.” OK good point, well then lets look at 2006. Even in 2006 the Affordability Index Composite was 107.1, which 1.7 Times more expensive than where we are at right now.

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