Neighborhood Guide: Downtown
Tuesday, January 26, 2016 at 10:48AM
Bonnie Beddall

When you are considering a move to the Emerald City, it is crucial to understand the different amenities that each neighborhood has to offer. As the epicenter of Seattle’s thriving business district, the Downtown neighborhood has become one of the most sought-after locations to live in the nation. With a mix of historical sites, modern architecture, and nature, the downtown area of Seattle has a something for everyone.

Public Transportation

One of the best resources in Downtown Seattle is the accessibility of the city’s public transportation system. Most of the Downtown area’s light rail system runs beneath 3rd Avenue in the Downtown Seattle Transportation Tunnel. The City’s bus system is also more extensive in the Downtown neighborhood than it is in the surrounding areas. Between the light rail and bus systems, you can go anywhere in the greater Seattle area with ease.


The educational options in the Downtown neighborhood of Seattle are extensive. The downtown area’s scholastic opportunities are governed by the Seattle School District which contains more than 90 elementary, middle, and high schools throughout the city. Additionally, there is a moderate number of private schools throughout the city. If education is important to your decision, you will be interested in learning that many of the public schools have been ranked near the top of the best schools in the State of Washington.

Parks and Recreation

Seattle is home to hundreds of public parks that offer a number of amenities. The City’s largest park, Discovery Park, lies just northeast of the Downtown neighborhood in the Magnolia neighborhood. Denny Park, the City’s oldest and most popular park, is located on the border of the Downtown area and the South Union neighborhood.

Restaurants and Bars

Downtown Seattle is home to many of the City’s best restaurants and bars. Better yet, the cuisines are very diverse, so whether you are in the mood for classic American, Italian, seafood, or Korean, Downtown Seattle has something for you. There are also many amazing bars in the downtown area, including Radiator Whiskey which has been rated the 15th hottest bar in America by Zagat.  

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