Seattle Condos on the Rise
Monday, December 14, 2015 at 3:19PM
Bonnie Beddall

According to a recent Zillow survey, Seattle condominiums are appreciating faster than single-family homes. With the market crash of 2007, condos in all around the U.S. took a hard hit, losing an average of one third of their value. Now they are making a long-awaited comeback.

Condominums are Booming

Based on statistics from the Northwest Multiple Listing Service (NWMLS), single-family homes had an 8 percent price increase over this year (2015), compared to a 23 percent for condominiums. In many neighborhoods within the city, condos also saw a much higher appreciation rates.

In Southeast Seattle (Columbia City, Rainier Valley, Seward Park) prices increased by 55 percent, and by 45 percent in both Beacon Hill and the Ballard/Green Lake/Phinney Ridge area. In Downtown and Belltown, which compromises Seattle’s most expensive market, prices for condos rose by 34 percent over the year to a median of $539,000, and Queen Anne condo prices are the highest in a decade.

Why Condominums Are a Great Fit for Seattle Homeowners

Seattle’s expensive single-family market is making the condo market be a lot more attractive than in past years, especially for first- time home buyers. In the real estate market, condos have been known for being more affordable and easy up-keep. They also provide the urban lifestyle that many young professionals are attracted to and look for when they search for a new home.

Svenja Gudell, Zillow’s Chief Economist, said in the survey summary that, “Over the past few years, buying a condo hasn’t always been considered an investment on par with buying a single-family home. Clearly, the most recent data indicate that notion may be due for a second look.”

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