Two Online Pitfalls to Avoid
Monday, October 8, 2012 at 7:19PM
Bonnie Beddall

Image Credit: Prasan Naik on FlickrReading about the myriad aspects of the Seattle real estate market such as neighborhoods, locations, homes styles, commute times, etc. on the internet can be very misleading sometimes.  While I think it’s important to do as much research as possible, to borrow a great philosophy, I suggest you “trust but verify.”  That process is something that I find extremely important in my business.  Being a native Seattleite and having over 20 years in representing hundreds of buyers and sellers in the greater Seattle are, gives me a very unique knowledge and perspective in the Seattle market.  With that perspective and experience I believe I’m able to offer my clients many things that most agents are not equipped to offer.

Whether you are searching for a Seattle Realtor, a home to buy, a neighborhood to live in, or a mortgage company, searching the internet today can have it’s pitfalls.  With the advent of push-button publishing, just about anyone can build a professional looking website full of less-than-accurate information.  It's very important to fact-check and look for supporting data, especially when it comes to financial or numeric information.  And of course, NEVER give any sensitive information to a third party online unless you trust the business.

Another pitfall online to avoid are websites that are set up to capture your contact information which is then sold to real estate agents and mortgage brokers.  Usually these real estate agents and mortgage brokers are set up to only handle very large volumes of requests.  And while large volumes are not necessarily a problem, it’s how the individual agents and brokers handle their business that can cause issues.  In some cases, a high volume broker can have quite a few licensed assistants that interface with the client instead of the actual agent.  

Take the time to find a Seattle Realtor that works directly with you to determine your needs and goals.  I'm pleased to work with a talented real estate partner and we both work with all of our clients, so you get two agents working for you for the price of one.

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