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    How to Buy a House

    An experienced Seattle realtor can help make the steps to buying a home easier and less stressful. Here are four major steps you should take with your real estate agent prior to buying a house.

    • Get pre-approved and discuss finances.

      You need a lender to pre-approve you before you start looking. We recommend talking with multiple lenders to get a good perspective on your financing options. It’s very important to get pre-approval prior to looking at homes so that you know what your price limits are. Note that you won’t lock in your rate until you have a signed purchase and sales agreement on a home. Then, decide the balance between what you are able to afford versus what you want to spend.
    • Learn about the market and discuss your goals.

      The Seattle real estate market changes throughout the year and sometimes even throughout the month. Some months are better for sellers and some are better for buyers. For this reason, it’s in your best interest to work with a Seattle buyer’s agent who has long-term familiarity with the Seattle real estate market and its history, plus a proven track record. Talk with your agent about lifestyle and family goals as well so they can advise you on the best areas in which to buy a home.
    • View homes that meet your goals and needs.

      This step is what most people associate with the home buying process, however if you’ve done your homework, viewing homes can be an efficient and enjoyable process. And while visiting open houses can be fun, we recommend viewing listings with your agent. Often times, they can ask the difficult questions and will help you to better understand the property without a lot of distractions.
    • Make an offer!

      You’ve found a great home to buy and are ready to make an offer. Here’s where your experienced Seattle realtor will truly shine. They’ll help you write a competitive offer that reflects an accurate view of the home’s value. And, when a counter offer comes in, they’ll negotiate with the listing agent to ensure your needs are also being met in the transaction. Remember that the listing agent, whether good, ho-hum, or bad, represents only the seller and tries to get the highest possible price for the seller. The listing agent generally gets a commission of 6 percent of the selling price and it is split 50/50 between the selling agent and the listing agent. It’s of vital importance that you have a representative to champion your interests.